From the Pastor June 25, 2017

Dear Parishioners,

I have very mixed emotions as I write this final column for our weekly bulletin. I have sadness because I will miss all of you very much. Although I will only be 20 minutes away in Pawtucket, I will now be the Pastor and therefore "spiritual father" to another family/parish community. I also have a little regret and remorse, because I could have been a bet-ter pastor for you if it wasn’t for my own shortcom-ings and failings. As priests, we are also sinners, and therefore, we bring our own character flaws with us no matter where we are assigned. On this front, I would like to apologize to any parishioner that I may have offended in any way over these past few years. I tried my best with the help of God’s grace to be a ho-ly priest, and a shepherd that sets a good example for his flock, yet at the same time, I’m also very aware of my weaknesses that impeded me from doing so. Fi-nally, I am filled with gratitude, because of the privi-lege and honor of being your pastor at Sacred Heart for the past four years, and the "Administrator" of Holy Family for the past year. It was a true blessing for me, especially getting to know so many of you over this time. I remember Bishop Tobin’s homily at the Mass of my installation as "Pastor" at Sacred Heart four years ago. He spoke of the four marks of the Church, that she is "One, Holy, Catholic, and Ap-ostolic", and encouraged us all to remain faithful members of our beautiful Church. This remains my prayer for each one of you, that you may always treasure our beautiful Catholic Faith, and do your best with the help of God’s grace, to live this faith. Please pray for me in this same endeavor, as we all continue to make our way to our final destination in Heaven.

God Bless!

- Fr. Sistare

PS: As I prepare for my new assignment, many parishioners have asked me what they could give me. #1 Prayers, and #2 Although I do not expect anything, if you desire, you can donate to the Pregnancy Center of Westerly (111 High St., Westerly, RI 02891).